The Action Chick!

Art, script, character design: Nick Langley. Colors: Alex Langley.
Concepts: Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill and company.

Who is the Action Chick?

The Action Chick is the avatar of Action Flick Chick Katrina Hill – as shown in the first strip, “Action Chick Avatar.” The Chick actually made her webcomic debut weeks earlier with a cameo appearance in David Reddick’s The Legend of Bill and was a high-powered card in the W.A.G.O.N. webcomic battle game before that. Katrina writes movie reviews, news, views, interviews, and whatever she darn well pleases at Katrina is G4TV’s official Next Woman of the Web and a member of the Screen Team (formerly Reelz Channel’s Movie Mob).

What’s Happening in This Comic?

New readers should go straight to the aforementioned first comic, “Action Chick Avatar.” That one should make everything clear.

Where’s the Blog?

Our comic’s star Katrina blogs at and her co-conspirators, artist/co-author Nick Langley and colorist Alex, blog at, we don’t see an overwhelming need to blog here too, and yet we like the personal touch a blog brings to a webcomic site. So when we find an aggregator we like, we’ll run the RSS feed into the comic’s blog to help tie it all together.

Thanks for visiting! Now brace yourselves because this Chick likes a bumpy ride.