ComixBookGurl: @ActionChick hehehe awesome

Robosquirrel209: @ActionChick lol :-)

Leone72: @ActionChick HA! I thought that was a toilet at first glance. Funny comic BTW.

edrafalko: @ActionChick my money’s on the Action Chick. Ryan Reynolds is a wimp.

TommyMariano: @ActionChick I have to go with ActionChick !!!!!!!!

ComixBookGurl: @ActionChick all bets on you!

TheGregoryBlair: @ActionChick Gee…you’re even hot in a cartoon! #Sexygeekgirls cannot be stopped! ;)

Pegaso_Saint: @ActionChick ha! Lantern chick! Finally a lantern I can respect. (after that Ryan Reynolds nude scene from Buying the cow… Eww).

jokeandbiagio: We bet on Action Chick every time RT @actionchick: Action Chick vs Green Lantern – they’re placing bets!

rage_A: @ActionChick I think you’re badass enough to handle it… ;P

KanUDig_It:  Action Chick is yellow. Green Lantern’s gonna be your beeyatch!

DaveMaulding: Who are the other 2 at the end of that web comic?

ActionChick: Guy’s the artist, @NickRocketLlama… And the redhead who wants a power ring…? hmm RT @DaveMaulding Who are the other 2 at the end of that web comic?

TheNerdyBird: @ActionChick Heyyyyyyy….is that me??

DaveMaulding: @ActionChick I didn’t want to assume who she was. I had a pretty good idea, though. :)

jonathanhilluk: @ActionChick @TheNerdyBird Keep it down Hill-That-Is-Not-Me…best not to startle her. She could get aggressive.

KeithAllGamer: @ActionChick Like the most enthusiastic geek, no evil shall escape my beak! #GreenLanternChick

nerdsinbabeland: Action Chick vs. Green Lantern Part 1! via @actionchick